1774 Gov. Dunmore estimated population of Va. at 500,000
1777 U. S. Constitution written
1781 Defeat of Cornwallis at Yorktown
1786 Va. General Assy. granted charter for Lynchburg
1789 Revolution War; 16,000 Methodist in America, with 500 riding preachers and 2,000 local preachers
1791 Methodist numbered 80,000 throughout the World
1793 First City newspaper, "Union Gazette"
1796 New London Academy authorized
1798 First weekly newspaper, "Lynchburg Advertiser & Farmers Gazette"
1803 Louisiana Purchase from France
1805 "Lynchburg Star" newspaper started
1806 Old City/Methodist Cemetery opened
1807 First school in Lynchburg, Thomas Clayton's house

1812 War of 1812 with Great Britain
1814 Lynchburg Bible Society organized
1816 Year without a summer - cool to cold
1817 W. D. Diuguid, oldest business in city still operating
1818 "Press" news now "Press & Public Advertiser"
1819 Bill passed to locate college in Charlottesville
1820 Founder of Lynchburg, John Lynch died
1822 Press & Advertiser becomes "Lynchburg Virginian"

1833 Earthquake shook the city, August

1840 "Lynchburg Republican" newspaper started

1845 War with Mexico

1851 Canal from Lynchburg to Buckhanan opened
1852 Va. & Tenn. R.R. started operating
1855 Old Lynchburg College, first college to open in city
1857 Economic panic in country, October
1858 Atlantic Cable laid, September; population in Lynchburg was 11,655
1861 Civil War starts at Fort Sumpter; Lynchburg becomes hospital center for Confederacy

1862 Dr. Terrell takes charge of Pest House
1864 Money panic caused decline of Conf. money; at Trevillians, Gens. Wade Hampton & Fitzhugh saves city; Gen Early defends against Hunter

World Events

1865 Gen. Robert E. Lee surrenders at Appomattox, Apr.
1866 "Lynchburg News" newspaper started
1867 Alaska was bought from Russia
1868 "Black Friday", financial panic, September; no banks failed in Lynchburg
1865 1st free public school plans made at old Centenary
1866 2nd pipe organ used at a church in city was Ct. St.
1870 Largest fire in city's history took place on 12th St.

1871 Public free schools opened in Lynchburg
1873 Currency inflated by $26 million which caused panic

1875 Lynchburg Female Soc. (Miller Home) opened
1876 Alexander Bell transmitted first telephone message; Custer defeated at battle of Little Big Horne
1879 T. Edison discovered and harnessed electricity
1880 Lynchburg population 22,000
1881 N&W RR contemplated moving to Roanoke
1883 Five firemen died in fire in city; monument erected

1885 Businesses stunned by the effects of a recession
1890 Liquor vote in city; 1709 for wet and 1702 for dry; population of Lynchburg was 19,725
1891 New bridge from Main St. to Rivermont opened; Va. Medical Convention held in Lynchburg
1893 RMWC opened, Nov.; World's Fair at Chicago
1896 First State Conf. of Epworth League held in Lynchburg with 1500 in attendance; city recovering from recession
1897 Klondike Gold fever struck the country
1898 Spanish-American War
1899 A great era of prosperity in city; Buffalo Bill's Wild West show came again to Lynchburg
1900 US population 75.9 million; Boxer Rebellion in China
1902 Acquisition of Panama Canal Zone
1903 Va. Christian College opened
1906 Sweet Briar College opened
1908 Jones Memorial Library built; Model T-Ford built
1909 Admiral Perry reached North Pole
1910 US population was 92 million; Fed. income tax start
1911 First aircraft flown to Lynchburg
1912 Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts organized; Titanic sunk
1913 Federal Reserve Board created by Carter Glass
1914 World War I starts; US enters war in April 1917; Panama canal opened
1923 Tea Pot Dome scandal in Wyoming
1924 Monument Terrace completed
1929 Black Friday - Great Depression, Oct 29th
1930 Cox's Army marched on Washington for relief; Lindenberg's flight across Atlantic

1935 Prohibition appealed by 21sy Amendment; Social Security law inacted
1936 Sesquicentennial Celebration in Lynchburg
1938 Orson Wells broadcast "War of the Worlds"
1939 Methodist Episcopal Churches N & S reunite
1940 Roosevelt broke unwritten law by serving 3 terms
1941 World War II; commercial TV began
1942 Rationing because of war began in Lynchburg
1943 Race riots in Detroit with 22 killed & 700 injured
1941 Schewel Fur. sold church to Parkview congregation
1944 VE day in Europe - war over in Europe; race riot in Philadelphia
1945 WW-II ends in Europe; two atomic bombs dropped on Japan and Japan surrenders; importantly engaged in Manhattan Project was John Early Jackson, descendent of Bishop John Early
1948 Berlin blockaded and Cold War starts
1950 Population in US 150.6 million; Korean War starts
1951 General MacCarthy relieved of command; largest US passenger ship launched at Newport News

1954 Dr. Jonas Salk perfects polio vaccine
1956 Supreme Ct. rules bus segregation unconstitutional

1958 Russia launches Sputnick satellite; Pittman Plaza opened
1959 Alaska and Hawaii admitted to Union
1960 Population of US 179,323,175; there was an uncontrolled increase in crime in US; a set-in at Patterson Drug Store on Main St., Dec.
1960's Vietnamese War fought
1961 Allen Shepherd, first man to fly into space
1962 First two black students enroll at E. C. Glass High
1963 Supreme Court banned prayer in public schools; President Kennedy assassinated
1967 200th Year Celebration of Methodism in US; Lynchburg Christian Acad. started by Falwell
1968 Dr. Martin Luther King assassinated

1969 Neil Armstrong lands on the Moon
1970 Lucy Baber starts first Child Care Center in city; Downtown Lynchburg hits "rock bottom"; SALT treaty signed

1971 City Council voted to bus students to schools
1973 Cease fire in Vietnam, June
1974 President Nixon resigns, August

1979 River Ridge Mall built; US hostages held in Teheran

1980's Several TV Evangelists disgraced in scandals
1981 President Anwar Sadat assinated in n Egypt
1982 US recession, 10.4% unemployed
1983 US Embassy destroyed in Lebanon

1986, Jan 28th, Challenger exploded after launch and all seven crew members killed

1987 Worst flood in Lynchburg's history, 36 feet

1989/90 Communism flops
1990 Germany reunited; much unrest in Mid-east

1993 Freak windstorm devastates city's downtown
1995 Berlin Wall came down; Timmothy McVeigh bombs Federal building in Oklahoma City, April

2001 Enron scandal shocks financial world
2001 President Busch dedicates D-Day Memorial at
Bedford, Va.
2003, Feb 1st, Shuttle Columbia explodes on re-entry and all seven crew members killed
2003 War with Iraq starts, March
2004 George Bush elected President for 2nd term
2004 Indonesia-Malisa-Sri Lanka devastated by tsunami
which happened on Dec 26th
2005 Jan 30th in Iraq, elections were held for leaders in a new democratic government.
2005 Feb. 21st, a new POW/MIA Monument was dedicated on Monument Terrace. Ken Swartz visioned the 1000# carved greenstone Monument. It was dedicated to 3,350 WW-I, 78,773 WW-II, 8,100 Korean and 2,047 Vietnamese POW's.
continue to be used to sustain her life when her brain was dead.
leader who advocated human freedom and world
2005 Mar 3rd, 60 yr. old Steve Fossett completed the first
round the world solo flight in the Global Flyer
2005 Terri Schiavo died in a Florida hospital. The world watched and waited as legal procedures failed to permit feeding tubes to be removed.
2005 Apr 2nd, Pope John Paul II died, a much beloved man of peace; was against abortion and death penalty. He was the third longest reigning Pope (26 yrs)

World & Centenary Dual Time Lines
by Terrell D. Moseley - Centenary Historian
World Events
1784 Christmas Conf. organized the Methodist Episcopal Church in America
1800 Bishop Francis Asbury in Lynchburg to extend boundaries of Methodism in Va.
1802 1st Methodist Soc. at home of Samuel Mitchell
1804 Itinerate preacher, Lorenzo Dow, proclaimed Lynchburg as "The seat of Satan's Kingdom"
1805 Land purchased for Methodist Meeting House
1806 3rd St. Methodist Meeting House built
1808 1st Va. Methodist Conf. held in Lynchburg; 600 heard Francis Asbury preach

1811 Methodist Meeting House made station for 1 yr.
1812 Methodist Meeting House back on Bedford Cir.

1814 Meeting House raised and rebuilt
1815 Ladys" of Lynchburg gave bell for Meeting House;
Va. Conf. met again at the Meeting House
1817 Oldest Sunday School in Va. held in Lynchburg;
Methodist membership was 169
1821 Meth. Meeting House made a "permanent charge"

1828 Group broke off started Reformed Methodist Ch.
1832 First Female Missionary Society founded in city
1833 Brick addition to church named Holcomb Hall
1835 Va. Conf. met again in Lynchburg at Old Centenary
1842 Methodist-Protestant Conf. met in Lynchburg
1844 Va. Method. Conf. met in Lynchburg, Nov.
1849 Old Centenary remodeled
1849 Group broke off started Court St. Methodist

1853 Va. Conference met at Court Street Meth. Church

1859 Va. Conf. met in Lynchburg with concern of South
1860 Methodist Episcopal Church splits - N & S; rebuilt
Centenary Church dedicated - finest in Va. Conference; name "Centenary" first used
1861 Town meeting at Old Centenary voted for Va. to break relations with the Federal Gov., Jan.
1862 Original Lynchburg College turned into hospital

1864 Va. Conference met in Lynchburg, August
"Elijah" at Centenary
1872 Methodist-Protestant Conf. met in Lynchburg
1873 Centenary sponsored church in Madison Hgts.
1874 Methodist-Protestant Conf. met in Lynchburg
1875 Centenary had 300 conversions at a Revival
1876 Va. Conference met again in Lynchburg
1877 Va. Conference met again at Centenary

1880 Danieltown Chapel built at H & Cabell Sts.; sponsored by Centenary & Court Street
1883 Halcomb Hall caught fire, but was extinguished
1884 A Revival at Centenary brought 260 confessions
1884 Trinity Chapel, sponsored by Centenary, dedicated; Centenary revival resulted in 260 conversions;
Va. Conference met at Court Street; Trinity Chapel, sponsored by Centenary, was dedicated

1893 Centenary planned for extensive improvements

1897 Danieltown moved to new church on Fitzhugh Pl.

1900 Asbury Christian, Old Centenary pastor, published famous book, "Lynchburg and It's People"

1907 1st known training school for S.S. teachers held at
Rivermont Avenue Methodist Church

1922 Started Church School building at 1501 Riv. Ave.

1927 Church building started at 1501 Rivermont Ave.

1930 Rivermont Ave. & Centenary merged
1931/32 Centenary budget was $13,163

1934/35 Centenary budget was $20,016

1939 Schewel Furniture Co. bought old Centenary bldg.

1947 Debt note for new Centenary burned, Nov. 30th
1949 Chimes by phonograph installed in steeple1952/53 Centenary budget was $40,439
1950 Centenary membership was 1274; Old Centenary dismantled and moved to Memorial Ave.; Fine Arts Center got it's start in Centenary's Holcomb Hall at 1001-1013 Church St.
1952 Parsonage at 1312 Rivermont Ave. sold
1953 Parsonage at 4101 Peakland Pl. purchased
1954 First issue of "Spire" circulated
1955 Bill Gibson took 30 youth on trip to New York City
1956 150th Yr. of 1st Methodist Meeting House; Bishops' dinner at RMWC, January
1957 Centenary had 76 members attended City-wide Christian Workers School
1958 Centenary membership was 1325
1958/59 Centenary budget was $62,000
1959 Opening of Centenary's Church Library, April

1964/65 Centenary budget was $88,870
1967 United Brethren & Methodist unite

1969 Plans for Christian Ed. for city's retarded children started at Centenary
1970 Parsonage at 2424 Indian Hill Rd. purchased

1972 Centenary celebrates 50 years at 1501 Rivermont
1973 Handbells given to Centenary as a Memorial, Feb.
1975 Vietnamese Chiem family sponsored by Centenary;
1975 Byron Wilkerson on Mission trip to Australia;
1976 Ruffner school property purchased Oct. 10, 1976
for $41,000
1979 Dr. Edgar Potts, "Minister Emeritus" of Centenary

1982 Steeple replaced with all aluminum & copper one
1983 Pageant of Mead's "Praying Rock", early leaders
1984 Centenary budget was $223,447; dedication of redecorated Sanctuary
1986 Mission trip to Mexico; Claude Tankersley's book
"Centenary UMC, 1806-1886"
1986 Church School Bldg. renovated; First sound system installed in Sanctuary at cost of $6,500
1987 ECHO started
1988 Church acquired used van for transportation; three youth go on Mission trip to Puerto Rico, July
1989 Tutorial program started for 3-5th graders, Oct.
1990 Ann Campfield goes to Kenya; house at 1475 Rivermont Ave. purchased
1992 Adm. Board & Council on Ministries combined to become Administrative Council; Ida and Bill
1992 Bill & Ida Powell go to Eastern Europe with Society of St. Andrew
1993 Super Church started
1997 JIFF started
1997 Neighborhood cookout, July; Play Reading Group started with Dr. Sasser as leader, Sept.
2000 The MMM's organized by Rex & Marge Butler

2004 Centenary started planning for their Bicentennial celebration in the year 2006

2005 Centenary initiated participation in the National Church Development, NCD, program

2005 Centenary Board makes decision to sell rental property

2005 Oct., Centenary sends Carl and Paula Howell to Louisiana for mission work repairing homes.

2005, Nov., Centenary hosts 7 other churches, including the Muslim community, for an Interfaith Thanksgiving worship service

Centenary Related Events